Taller de diseno sonoro para el proyecto DAS (dibujo / animacion / banda sonora) de nuestros amigos de la fundacion cre8 www.cre8foundation.org . Los ninos del barrio El Oasis participaron creando junto con Juan Carlos Pellegrino el diseno sonoro para este proyecto donde jovenes de Thailanda hiceron dibujos que luego jovenes de Los Angeles tradujieron en dibujos animados.

Mas informacion en ingles:

A workshop series that connects kids from three different countries to work together and create one animated film. The series is divided into three, distinct and sequential phases:

****Drawing: Kids in one country draw the characters, backgrounds, and accessories
****Animation: Kids in another use these drawing to create the animation
****Sound: Kids in a third country use the animation and provide the soundtrack

 We are currently in post-production of our very first D.A.S. series that brought together the creative talents of kids from Thailand, The United States, and Colombia. Check out our video from Thailand last summer.

For more information: http://www.cre8foundation.org/